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Build Healthy Relationships

We were created for relationship!

From the very beginning, we were created for relationship with God and with each other.  Genesis 2:18 states that it is not good that man should be alone. It isn't good for anyone to be alone.  We need people in our lives, and we need God in our lives.

When we build healthy relationships, it changes the course of our lives. What a difference it makes to have someone speak life into us instead of sucking it out of us, and vice versa. So, it is important that we surround ourselves with positive, life-giving individuals, as well as be a positive, life-giving individual. 

Zoe understands that in some relationship situations, we can only create healthy boundaries. That is acceptable. We are not called to be in a bubble of perfect, positive, people all the time. However, we are called to love everyone. So, how do we love everyone without being influenced negatively?

It is pretty simple actually. It is a decision to control our own emotions and our own limitations. We cannot allow everyone to speak into our lives, in order to positively speak into theirs. It is also important to feel emotion, but not to always act on those emotions. This is an area we will focus on in depth. 

Through the Word, we will explore all areas of relationship, including the one that will create the most change in us. Our relationship with God, and how we may have been viewing him incorrectly. 

Food for thought: Have you ever created something simply to hate it, condemn it, or kill it? God didn't create us for those reasons either. When we realize that He loves us, we are better able to walk out healthy relationships with Him as well as others. God created us to be in relationship with Him, and He stopped at nothing for that to be possible.

More food for thought:  It is easy to say, "change people, places, and things." But it is another thing to make that work. Honestly, there are people in every place, doing all kinds of things. Zoe understands that we can only change ourselves through renewing our minds. When we do that, we can more realistically effect change in the world and walk in true freedom.